Spring Easter Special

Hop into spring with some new Synergy swag! From the 3rd of April through the 5th, you can earn credits towards Synergy Swag. For every 250 Euros spent on Synergy products in an order, you will get an additional 25 Euros to spend in May on your favorite Synergy branded accessories. 

To qualify, place your product order online or by emailing Customer Service during April 3rd-5th, 2021. When that order is successfully complete, you’ll be able to contact our friendly Customer Service Team in May to help you get your hands on your Synergy swag credits. Get ready to spring into the Easter season and stock up on Synergy products this holiday.

Need an example? 
1. Jane places and processes one order on the website the 5th of April. The order contains Synergy products for 640 Euros.
2. She gets 50 Euros in swag credits to spend in May. Jane contacts customer service to redeem her swag credit. 

- A minimum purchase of 250 Euros in Synergy products are required to qualify for this promotion.
- Orders must be placed online through the website or by sending an email to customer service, during stated time-period. Orders placed with Customer Service will be processed Tuesday 6th of April. 
- Please note that "Autoship orders", "buy 3 get 1 free" packs and larger product packs without qualifying volume are excluded from this promo. 

Synergy swag credit will be redeemed through Customer Service and be available to spend throughout May, 2021.


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