Elemence Testimonials from Top Leaders

As Synergy’s European markets take advantage of the Elemence Summer Skincare Promotion, they’re quickly learning why people all over the world trust Elemence products to support their skin health and accentuate their natural radiance. Click here for full promotion details.

Top Synergy leaders have been using the Elemence line for years and have only great things to say about these scientifically-tested products:

Dianne Leavitt, Double Presidential Executive
“I absolutely love Synergy's Elemence skincare system. These are the best skincare products I have ever used and I will not go a day without them. Since I am approaching my 50th birthday, I have started noticing the skin of some friends that are my same age… and I'm starting to see a real difference between us. I am so grateful my skin is still looking young. I know it is because of the science that is in these amazing products. I am a believer.”

Ji-yoon An, Pearl Executive
“Elemence products are perfect for me. I can use Facial Scrub even with my sensitive and weak skin. It removes the dead cells smoothly and I have no irritation or allergic reactions. It is just mild enough but also makes a big difference. I also love the moisture preservation. Even a small amount makes such a large effect. It is essential for me.”

Roxanne Seely, Pearl Executive
“What I love about Elemence is that it makes my skin feel so clean; soft and young and very clean. For my skin, it’s mild enough that it doesn’t dry me out. It makes your skin feel well cared for. Elemence never makes me feel greasy, it just feels clean. It’s nice to be able to care for my skin so well. Whenever something this good comes around, I want to share it with everybody.”

Sun-young Lee, Team Manager
“My previous job at duty free shop gave me the opportunity to try a variety of cosmetics. During that time, my skin was extremely dry and rough. Particularly, l had many blemishes that I could not cover with light makeup. They gave moisture for just a short time. I feel like Elemence skincare penetrates deeper into my skin and I can feel that there are actual nutrients. While using Elemence products, I also had used other Synergy products to detoxify. I wanted to be healthier than before, not only on the outside but also the inside of my body. Other people have noticed, saying that my complexion seems brighter and clearer. I am very satisfied with the Elemence line because of the high quality and fantastic results.”

Soon-yong Park, Team Director
“I hear often from other people ‘your skin looks so bright and healthy.’ Before using Elemence, my facial skin condition was very dry and I had large pores and blackheads on my nose. I had plenty of freckles and dark birthmarks. So, I now start [my daily regimen] with Cleansing Gel. The coconut oil extract with subacidity has changed my dry skin condition to moist. Then Facial Scrub has taken my biggest worry (blackheads on the nose) away. Also, it equalizes my skin texture. Then I apply Hydrating Toner. I use Hydrating Toner frequently and constantly. It keeps my skin feeling balanced. Lastly, Bright Renewal Serum brightens my skin tone and Repair Complex has made a tremendous difference. I am very satisfied. After using Elemence products, my skin condition has been improving more and more.”


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